Geotechnical / CME Laboratory

Looking to build a lasting relationship with a geotechnical or construction materials engineering service provider in Texas and surrounding regions? The same laboratory testing operations that ETTL performs to determine physical properties of soils and aggregates when carrying out geotechnical and construction materials engineering projects for its clients are also available on a contract basis.

ETTL's modern equipment and certified staff are second to none in our service area, allowing us to offer efficient turnaround times and quality results. ETTL's geotechnical/CME laboratory is AASHTO (R18) accredited in Tyler, Texarkana, DFW & Austin, and is also US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) verified.

Laboratory Testing We Perform

  • Atterberg Liquid and Plastic Limits (single point, three point, and four point) (ASTM D4318, USACE)
  • Percent Passing No. 200 sieve (ASTM D1140)
  • Sieve Analysis (washed through No. 200) (ASTM D6913)
  • Hydrometer Analysis and Mechanical Analysis of Soil Binder (ASTM D7928 / D6913)
  • Double Hydrometer (ASTM D4221)
  • Moisture content (ASTM D2216)
  • Unit Weight Dry density (ASTM D7263)
  • Specific gravity (ASTM D854)
  • Permeability Test:
    • Falling Head, Rising Tail (ASTM D5084)
    • Constant Head (ASTM D2434)
  • Pinhole Test (ASTM D4647)
  • Crumb Test (ASTM D6572)
  • Standard Proctor (ASTM D698)
  • Modified Proctor (ASTM D1557)
  • Unconfined compression-maximum stress (ASTM D2166)
  • Unconfined Compression Test Rock (ASTM D7012)
  • Preparing Rock Core for Testing (ASTM D4543)
  • Unconsolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test: (ASTM D2850)
  • Consolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test: (ASTM D4767)
  • Consolidated-Drained Triaxial Test: (ASTM D4767)
  • Direct Shear (ASTM D3080)
  • One-Dimensional Consolidation (ASTM D2435)
  • One-Dimensional Swell, Method A/B (ASTM D4546)
  • Optimum Moisture-Density Relationship (TEX-114-E - Standard Proctor)
  • Optimum Moisture-Density Relationship (TEX-113-E - Base Proctor)
  • California Bearing Ratio Test (laboratory tested soils & aggregates per specimen
  • Lime PI Series (ASTM D4318) - 5 points
  • TX Dot Triaxial Test (TEX-117-E)
  • Soluable Sulfate Test (TEX 145-E)
  • Chloride & Sulfate Test (TEX 620-J)
  • Water Soluble pH in Soils (TEX 128-E)
  • Field Conductivity Test to determine Sulfates (Tex-146-E)
  • Box Resistivity
  • soil pH (Black, C.A. Method 62-1.3)
  • Acid/Base Accounting (ABA) ABA=N.P. - (P.A. + E.A.)
  • Neutralization Potential (N.P.)
  • Potential Acidity (P.A.)
  • Exchangeable Acidity (E.A.)
  • Sulfur, Total (LECO)
  • Sulfur, Sulfate (LECO)
  • Sulfur, Pyritic (LECO)
  • Sulfur, Organic (LECO)
  • Texture (sand, silt, and clay) hydrometer method
  • Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) USDA Handbook 60, Method 19
  • Available Nitrogen (Texas Ag Extension Service)
  • Available Phosphorus (Texas Ag Extension Service)
  • Available Potassium (Texas Ag Extension Service)
  • Available Calcium (Texas Ag Extension Service)
  • Available Magnesium (Texas Ag Extension Service)
  • Lime (USDA Handbook 60, Method 23C)
  • Fertility (Fertilizer Recommendation)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer 

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