Drilling Services

At ETTL, we operate a fleet of drill rigs and service vehicles that include hollow-stem auger and rotary drill rigs as well as equipment for direct push-probe sampling. This industry leading equipment plus ETTL's trained drilling crews are at your service.

As a licensed drilling contractor in Texas, ETTL has been providing specialized drilling/sampling and in-situ testing services for over 55 years throughout Texas and adjoining regions.

Subsurface Exploration Services in Texas

ETTL offers a fleet of truck-mounted drilling rigs and associated vehicles for field investigations. Depending on the unit, these rigs are capable of providing hollow stem and conventional auger drilling and rotary drilling to 375 feet, and continuous sampling of soils to depths of 300 feet.

In addition, ETTL offers its clients the capabilities of truck- and track-mounted hydraulically-powered Geoprobe percussion-probing machines which can economically and swiftly collect soil cores and soil gas samples as well as groundwater samples. For especially difficult terrains, ETTL's fleet also includes two track-mounted drilling rigs. The company's drilling staff includes licensed drillers. Drilling personnel have completed the OSHA 40-hour 29 CFR 1910.120 Personal Protection Safety Course.

ETTL Field equipment

  • CME 75 Truck Mounted Rig
  • CME 55 Track Mounted Rig
  • (2) Diedrich D50 Track rigs
  • Diedrich D25 Truck rig
  • Mobile B61 Truck mounted rig
  • Geoprobe 6600 Truck rig
  • Geoprobe 54DT track probe