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Geotechnical Field Engineering & Laboratory Testing Services

ETTL has been providing Dallas, TX businesses and agencies with the geotechnical, construction materials engineering, and laboratory testing services they can use since 1955.

Our team has extensive experience with the region’s unique geological makeup and, when combined with our access to the most modern technology, this allows us to provide insightful analysis and design services.

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Geotechnical Services in Dallas, TX

With over 55 years of experience working in North Texas, ETTL can provide detailed, thoughtful laboratory testing, analysis, and design services.

Our experience with North Texas soils, geology, and groundwater formations enables us to help those building the infrastructure Texas relies on.

Laboratory Testing

Every ETTL location includes a modern geotechnical laboratory that allows our team to provide testing and analysis services for our clients.

Pavement Design

ETTL can design cement composition and installation for the roads, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure projects according to local, state, and federal regulation.

Soil Resistivity Testing

Different soils offer different amounts of electrical and static resistance. This resistivity can be vital to protecting expensive equipment, and ETTL can help you analyze your soil.

Forensic Investigations

The team at ETTL provides litigation support for insurance companies, corporate entities, counsel, facility owners and other stakeholders.

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Construction Materials Engineering in Dallas, TX

ETTL’s material engineering services have been trusted by Dallas, TX companies and government agencies for over 50 years. Our team can provide both laboratory analysis and design services that help you protect your investment long-term.

Laboratory Testing

ETTL’s Dallas, TX, location includes a full-service construction materials laboratory that can provide in-depth testing and analysis.

Asphalt Concrete Design

ETTL can provide a suite of asphalt testing and design services, including composition analysis and design and mechanical analysis.

Cement Concrete Design

ETTL can test and design concrete cylinders, beams, aggregates, and penetration resistance of Portland Cement Concrete.

Steel Testing

ETTL’s team can provide inspection and testing of reinforcing and structural steel. We also provide weld inspection and can qualify welders.

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Environmental Consulting in Dallas, TX

ETTL’s environmental engineering team can provide a full suite of environmental consulting services, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Waste management
  • Environmental remediation
  • Local, state, and federal compliance
  • Subsurface exploration
  • And more

Our knowledge of the local area and regulatory environment ensure that we’re able to provide timely, efficient, and effective environmental consulting services for our clients.

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Drilling Services in Dallas, TX

ETTL’s fleet of drilling rigs ensures that we’re able to perform soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples quickly and efficiently. Our fleet allows us to collect from a variety of North Texas soil types, ensuring we can gather the data you need.

Our fleet includes:

  • CME 75 Truck Mounted Rig
  • CME 55 Track Mounted Rig
  • (2) Diedrich D50 Track rigs
  • Diedrich D25 Truck rig
  • Mobile B61 Truck mounted rig
  • Geoprobe 6600 Truck rig
  • Geoprobe 54DT track probe

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Landfill Services in Dallas, TX

ETTL’s team is multidisciplinary and features geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists. This ensures we’re able to provide landfill analysis and design services for the Dallas, TX area. Services include:

  • Borings & analysis
  • Piezometer installation
  • Monitoring wells
  • Methane monitoring probes
  • Collection Systems
  • And more

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