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Geotechnical Engineering & Lab Testing Services

ETTL has been providing Central Texas with geotechnical & construction materials engineering services they can rely on for their projects. Our design services are backed by data from our in-house lab, which enables us to provide efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

We have over 55 years of experience working in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. This experience gives us intimate knowledge of the region’s geological and hydrogeological makeup, ensuring that our team is able to provide insightful, data-driven solutions.

With a full-service laboratory at our Austin, TX, location, our team is able to provide responsive analysis for the projects that build Central Texas.

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Geotechnical Services in Austin, TX

ETTL provides a variety of geotechnical services and, with over 50 years of experience in the region, you can rely on the data-driven solutions our team develops.

Laboratory Testing

Each ETTL location includes a full geotechnical laboratory that allows us to provide data and analysis to help answer the questions our clients have.

Pavement Design

ETTL uses a variety of formulas to help determine the composition of pavements. Our analysis and design services will ensure longevity and durability.

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil types respond differently to static and electrical charge. ETTL can protect vital electrical equipment with analysis of the soil that can be used to design a grounding system.

Forensic Investigations

ETTL’s team can provide investigative and litigation support for counsel, courtrooms, corporate entities, and other project stakeholders.

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Construction Materials Engineering in Austin, TX

ETTL’s material engineering and analysis team provides the data-driven solutions that our clients need to ensure their project’s longevity and durability.

Laboratory Testing

ETTL’s Austin location includes a full-service materials testing laboratory that can provide efficient analysis to inform projects.

Asphalt Concrete Design

Our team can analyze and design asphalt paving systems to meet a variety of specifications, including weight, grade, hardness, and more.

Cement Concrete Design

ETTL can provide Portland Cement Concrete analysis and design services for bridges, tunnels, dams, and other vital infrastructure projects.

Steel Testing

Our team can analyze structural and supporting steel. We can also analyze welds and qualify welders for your project.

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Environmental Consulting in Austin, TX

ETTL has a team if experienced environmental scientists that provide a variety of consulting and field services, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Waste management
  • Environmental remediation
  • Local, state, and federal compliance
  • Subsurface exploration
  • And more

Our environmental scientists’ experience with the region’s unique geology, combined with their expertise in their field, ensures that we’re able to provide insightful and efficient solutions for each of our clients.

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Drilling Services in Austin, TX

Our drilling fleet allows us to efficiently take core samples to measure soil, soil gas, and groundwater. We have all the equipment we need to take core samples from the unique Central Texas soils, and our fleet includes:

  • CME 75 Truck Mounted Rig
  • CME 55 Track Mounted Rig
  • (2) Diedrich D50 Track rigs
  • Diedrich D25 Truck rig
  • Mobile B61 Truck mounted rig
  • Geoprobe 6600 Truck rig
  • Geoprobe 54DT track probe

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Landfill Services in Austin, TX

The multidisciplinary team at ETTL includes geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and construction experts. This means that we’re able to provide landfill consulting, design, and analysis services, including:

  • Borings & analysis
  • Piezometer installation
  • Monitoring wells
  • Methane monitoring probes
  • Collection Systems
  • And more

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