Geotechnical, Environmental and Material Services in Tyler, TX

ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc. proudly provides a wide range of engineering and consulting services for our clients in Tyler, Texas. We provide a comprehensive array of environmental services for our entire service region throughout Texas and surrounding regions.


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Geotechnical Engineering and Laboratory Testing Services

ETTL has been providing East Texas with geotechnical services, including laboratory testing, since 1965.

Our breadth of experience with the region’s geology, combined with our dedication to serving the entities that build Texas, enable us to provide unparalleled geotechnical advisory and construction materials engineering services.

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Geotechnical Services in Tyler, TX

In 55 years, the team at ETTL has developed in-depth knowledge of soil and groundwater conditions throughout East Texas. Our experience and equipment allows us to provide a variety of hydrological and geological testing, analysis, and monitoring services.

Laboratory Testing

ETTL’s team has access to modern equipment that can provide soil boring, core testing, construction material analysis, and other testing services.

Pavement Design

ETTL is able to use Texas Triaxial, California Bearing Ratio, and formulas used by other agencies to ensure the longevity of your pavement.

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil resistivity varies wildly. ETTL can develop a resistivity profile to ensure that your property’s electrical grounding system functions properly.

Forensic Investigations

Our team is able to offer litigation support for insurance companies, counsel, facility owners, and other concerns.

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Construction Materials Engineering in Tyler, TX

ETTL offers a suite of material engineering services designed to ensure construction longevity and durability. We’re able to provide both engineering and laboratory testing services, and our team is highly qualified and experienced.

Laboratory Testing

ETTL operates a full-service CME and CMT laboratory that is able to test and analyze building materials to determine durability and other performance characteristics.

Asphalt Concrete Design

ETTL can analyze and design asphalt for roads, pads, bridges, dams, and other vital infrastructure projects.

Cement Concrete Design

ETTL will ensure the mixing and curing of your project’s concrete adheres to guidelines. Our laboratory also offers concrete testing and analysis.

Steel Testing

ETTL can inspect structural and reinforcing steel, verify bolt torque, qualify welders, and provide a visual inspection of welds.

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Environmental Consulting in Tyler, TX

ETTL can provide a full suite of environmental consulting services, including:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs),
  • Remediation
  • Waste management
  • Subsurface exploration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • And more

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to help each of our clients navigate local, state, and federal regulations while minimizing their environmental liability.

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Drilling Services in Tyler, TX

ETTL operates a fleet of drilling rigs that allow us to perform push-probe sampling and subsurface exploration services in Tyler, TX. The equipment we use allows us to provide soil cores, gas samples, and groundwater samples.

Our fleet includes:

  • CME 75 Truck Mounted Rig
  • CME 55 Track Mounted Rig
  • (2) Diedrich D50 Track rigs
  • Diedrich D25 Truck rig
  • Mobile B61 Truck mounted rig
  • Geoprobe 6600 Truck rig
  • Geoprobe 54DT track probe

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Landfill Services in Tyler, TX

ETTL’s multidisciplinary team of environmental scientists, geologists, and hydrogeologists are able to provide everything you need for landfill design and construction. Our landfill services include:

  • Borings & analysis
  • Piezometer installation
  • Monitoring wells
  • Methane monitoring probes
  • Collection Systems
  • And more

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